Just 1

Just 1.

Obviously, it’s a huge phrase for us… it’s what we named our ministry, after all. We feel it was clearly God-given (both Nancy and I had the phrase placed solidly in our minds), and we’ve used it many times to try to convey to others what it means to us.

But I’ve been reflecting on it again over the past couple of days.

Out of curiosity, I checked Twitter, and searched for a couple hashtags to see how people use “Just 1″. Man did it ever hit home! Both #JustOne and #Just1 gave some revealing results.

I want to have a real conversation with him, but it never happens. #JustOne

I wish there was at least one person who truly understands how I feel. #JustOne

I just want one thing to go my way today. #JustOne

I want one boy to prove to me that every boy isn’t the same. #JustOne

Let me have a hug. #JustOne

I just want one wish to come true. #JustOne

Just 1 miracle, Lord. #JustOne

You see, “Just 1″ is something people long for. There are so many people with a need for a “Just 1″ story. So many people who have a “Just 1″ story to share.

So many ways each and every person on this planet can make a difference in the life of “Just 1″.

For us, it’s about orphan care. We hope and pray that one day, we’ll be able to adopt “Just 1″. We desperately desire to help others make a difference in the lives of “Just 1″.

But what about you? How can you make a difference in the life of “Just 1″?

You have a “Just 1″ story. There is someone who needs you to touch their life… someone God has planned for you to impact.

Are you willing?

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