Alejandro: Why We Have Come

From time to time, we like to share a glimpse of life at Casa de Mi Padre, where Shane Sanderson is working diligently to minister to orphans in Guatemala. Shane shared the following with us just this week, and we wanted to post it here so that you can know just what goes on there. Hopefully, knowing these children more will move you to become involved in their lives and their care!


Today was a tough day for Alejandro. He’s only four and he has already lost all. He has been with us for a week. We were told he would only be here for a short time. We were told his mother and father are not together, but each want him.

Today we had a audience with the children’s judge here in the city. We found out the mother is a prostitute. She presented DNA evidence demonstrating that the man who thought he was the father is not. It was also revealed that he and the mother were totally unfit parents. We learned the aunt of Alejandro’s mother was “renting” the boy to the man who thought he was the father. Once the man heard the evidence he was not the father, he no longer wanted Alejandro.

At the end of the hearing the Judge stripped the mother of all parental rights due to neglect and abuse. He judge placed Alejandro in the care and protection of Casa de Mi Padre. The judge used the Spanish word “siempre”… “always”.

Tonight Alejandro began to have trouble breathing. Just last week Pastor David arranged a meeting with an American doctor who lives here in Santa Cruz. We met and I told him I had recently started an orphanage and we were caring for twenty children. I said we really needed a medical connection. He was delighted to help and said all his services were absolutely free and he said we are on call for you anytime. Tonight we needed him… we called and he came to the house within the hour.

Alejandro’s heart was racing and he had a high temperate, and the doctor suggested we take him to the hospital. After the examination, they concluded that Alejandro had a serious throat infection.

They put an IV in him and gave him three breathing treatments. Alejandro did not like the breathing machine… he cried and fought, and I held his hands as he struggled and wailed. The whole time he looked me in the eyes.

He looked so sad. He kept looking around the room hoping to find someone who would help him.

As I looked into his anguished eyes I thought of all the little boy had lost this day. His mother. The man who he thought was his father.

At the close of this day he had lost all and was now in the hospital struggling to breath and in a panic.

As I looked into his eyes these words echoed in my mind: “He is all alone.”

This is the reason we have come. So little guys and girls who have lost all and are alone will not be.

Pray for Alejandro. He will be in the hospital for three days recovering.

Pray also for the other orphans we care for. Like Alejandro, each of them have many hurts and pains from their life experiences.

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