About Just 1…

Just 1 person.  Just 1 child.  Just 1 orphan.  Just 1 widow.

Just 1.

What are you willing to do to help just 1?

Would you love just 1?  Feed just 1?  Serve just 1?  Equip just 1?  Pray for just 1?  Adopt just 1?  Minister to just 1?  Sponsor just 1?  Teach just 1?  Rescue just 1?  Mentor just 1?  Provide for just 1?  Share Jesus with just 1?

Just 1 Ministries exists because we have a just 1 story.  Ours starts with just 1 orphan, whose name we don’t yet know and whose country of origin we’re not even certain.  We are called to adopt just 1, and we want to share our story with you as it develops.

Beyond that, though, we believe that this story extends to others as well.  Our intent in forming Just 1 Ministries is to help others discover their own just 1 story.  With our heart for orphans, both physical and spiritual, we want to reach out to others with like-minded hearts to impact just 1.  We fully expect opportunities to abound, but here’s a glimpse of what we envision:

Sponsor just 1!  Having visited orphanages in both the Dominican Republic and Guatemala, we have seen first-hand the need to provide for children who have no families to care for them.  We would like to partner with Christian orphanages world-wide, helping to connect individuals and families here in the United States with just 1 orphan overseas that they can sponsor to ensure their physical and spiritual needs are continually met.

Equip just 1!  Ministries to orphans, both physical and spiritual, have financial costs.  We would like to partner with individuals with hearts for orphans, and connect them with individuals and families who can help equip just 1 to fulfill their God-given ministries.

Serve just 1!  There is simply no other experience as fulfilling as serving as the hands and feet of Jesus to meet the needs of people in our world.  We dream of connecting and enabling individuals and families to serve just 1, through missions work overseas with ministers and orphanages we partner with, or through local organizations we support.

Love just 1!  As we are discovering our own call to adopt just 1 orphan, we can’t help but be excited at the thought of helping other families to discover their own call to love just 1.  We ultimately hope to be able to provide support and funding to assist families going through this process.

Again, this is just a sliver of what we believe God has planned for this ministry.  Would you consider partnering with us in some manner as we help others to discover their own story of just 1?

In Christ,
John and Nancy Stickley

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