Many years ago (centuries, in fact), a poet by the name of John Donne penned a phrase we still use today. “No man is an island”.

I’m not sure where Mr. Donne received his inspiration for the poem he wrote that contains that phrase, but the concept this poet strikes upon is crystal clear in Scripture. Over and over through Scripture, Christians are referred to as one body. In 1 Corinthians 12:27, Paul wrote:

Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.

Simply put? Christianity is not a solo sport. We are dependent on one another. We NEED one another.

Hence the “Equip Just 1″ portion of our ministry.

Ministries to orphans, both physical and spiritual, have costs. The financial costs are quite obvious, as there are always bills to pay for facilities, ministry costs, living costs, etc. But there are spiritual and emotional costs as well, and these often go unseen by the body of Christ.

As members of the body of Christ, ALL Christians are called to support one another. If one part of the body of Christ hurts, we should all feel the impact. And we should be ready and willing to step up and make a difference when our brothers and sisters need us.

Through Just 1 Ministries, we want to highlight these needs to equip those whom God has called to serve and minister to the orphans of our world. And we want to connect individuals and families to these people, that you might equip just 1 to serve in accordance with God’s calling.

Initially, we would like to highlight someone very close to our hearts, Jodi Brager. Jodi is a missionary to teens in St. Joseph, Missouri, who ministers to the spiritual orphans of our city through Southside Youth Outreach. Jodi’s heart and passion for doing God’s work is an inspiration to us. She lives by faith in ways most of us cannot begin to imagine, and God is using her in powerful ways to lead kids out of darkness, to hope in Jesus Christ.

We will be sharing more about Jodi’s ministry, as well as the ministries of others who make similar differences in the lives of orphans, through this site. If you feel lead to equip just 1, please contact us via the link to the right.

God bless,
John and Nancy Stickley

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