One of the primary visions of Just 1 Ministries is to connect individuals and families here in the United States with orphans throughout the world whose needs we can meet. Living in the most well-to-do nation on earth, almost EVERYONE here can impact just 1 orphan by providing for their physical needs through financial sponsorship. Who amongst us cannot find just $1 a day to change a child’s life, partnering in God’s work to impact lives eternally?

Our sponsorship program is very simple: for $30/month, we connect you with an orphan in need. Your funding helps to ensure they are provided with food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and education. Moreso though, you get to play a part in giving hope and a future to just 1. We will ensure you receive regular updates on the child you sponsor, as well as opportunities to connect with them through written correspondence. Opportunities may also arise to meet your child face-to-face, as part of our vision at Just 1 Ministries is also to serve alongside those with whom we partner.

As you grow to love just 1, your child will be learning that they are indeed loved, both by those that minister to them at their orphanage, and also by you. This simple truth is something foreign to so many children in this world, and it truly can change their entire life. EVERY child deserves to be loved!

The first orphanage we have partnered with in this vision is Casa de Mi Padre, run by Shane Sanderson of Child Rescue, located in Santa Cruz del Quiche, Guatemala. We have known and loved Shane for many years, have visited Casa de Mi Padre, and are simply amazed at the work God is doing through Him. Shane has a vision to provide hope and a future to orphans in Santa Cruz del Quiche by meeting the physical, emotional, educational, and (especially) spiritual needs of these children. The love of Jesus Christ changes lives!

Obviously, we are also seeking other orphanages throughout the world to partner with. As these partnerships develop, details will be shared on this site, and more opportunities for orphan sponsorship will obviously be available!

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us in this way?

If you feel God leading you in this direction, PLEASE contact us via the link to the right.

God bless,
John and Nancy Stickley

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